Embedded Project on PC Based Electrical Load Control


The point of this project is to control the electrical machines through a personal computer (PC). For instance, theater lighting can be midway controlled frame the PC for better stage administration. Directly, they are physically overseen which makes it hard to arrange the lighting with the respective scene. With this framework, one can control the electrical machines ON/OFF by simply being situated in one place utilizing a PC. This framework is incorporated with the electrical loads and furthermore associated with the PC where brought together control happens. It utilizes an RS-232 convention from the microcontroller to speak with the PC. To kill on/the apparatuses, we utilize Hyper Terminal on PC. Once the association is set up with the PC, at that point the framework begins working. The microcontroller utilized as a part of this project has a place with 8051 family. This project can be additionally improved by actualizing a GUI construct control board in light of the PC with properly inserted programming. The power control can likewise be fused utilizing power hardware gadgets

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