ASP Project On Client Server Based Live Meeting


This undertaking is for the most part created for the correspondence of Employees of association situated in various areas. The task entitled “Live Meeting” set of the stage for the venture pioneers and executive to send messages to keep steady collaboration with the software engineers.

In the proposed framework is the chairman can sit at his framework and speak with the undertaking pioneers, software engineers and can likewise keep up the login time, logout time. He can talk about the undertaking going ahead with both the software engineers and venture pioneers. This venture likewise keeps up disconnected messages. The manager sees the IP address of the arrangement of venture pioneer/software engineer he is intrigued and talk with the general population. The undertaking pioneer gives the moment report about the task to the chairman.

Through this Communication System, Whenever client signs in into the framework then login time is recorded in the director’s framework naturally. This venture benefits as much as possible from the repetitive and everyday deskwork to limit. This encourages the client to focus more on the undertaking and less on the overseeing of these assignments.

The product is completely incorporated with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and additionally CMS (Content Management System) arrangement and created in a way that is effortlessly sensible, efficient and diminishing one from manual works.


Visit collaboration between the overseer and the undertaking pioneers/developers.

Naturally recording the login time/logout time of the client.

Keeping up online and disconnected Messages and Message View

Representative Hierarchical


The current framework is the manual framework. Should be changed over into computerized framework. A danger of blunder of information. Less Security. No appropriate coordination between various Applications and Users. Fewer Users – Friendly. Exactness not ensured. Not in reach of removed clients. Correspondence between clients through telephone or physically.

The current framework clients are utilizing outsider open mail administrations for correspondence. Utilizing open spaces are not assumed for representative correspondence.

A mysterious client can be permitted like these open areas. It is basic to share their data with this condition. A few associations are utilizing manual framework. In the manual framework, the information can be put away and moved as circle drives or paper.

Semi-mechanized frameworks are associated through LAN however they are utilizing information in neighborhood frameworks like Ms-Access or MS-Excel and so forth. In neighborhood information base there is no Option for information security and information respectability.


The advancement of the new framework contains the accompanying exercises, which endeavor to robotize the whole procedure keeping in perspective of the database reconciliation approach.

Ease of use is given in the application of different controls. The framework makes the general venture administration significantly simpler and adaptable. There is no danger of information botch at any level while the task improvement is under process. It furnishes abnormal state of security with various level of confirmation. Clients from any piece of the world can make utilization of the framework. A new framework will process precise outcomes. The new framework will be greatly improved in execution when contrasted with existing one.

The proposed framework is having regular association amongst head and the undertaking individuals by utilizing email and talk modules.


Online Chat Module

Part enlistment Module

Sending and Receiving sends

Incorporated Security Module:

Administrator Module

Practical segments of the task:

MESSAGE SENDING: In the huge association there are an arrangement of developers, Project pioneer, and Administrator. These software engineers are spread all through the association into different gatherings. Undertaking Leaders are in need to continually cooperate with the software engineer’s in-bunches spread over the association. It is hard to go and pass the message to each and every developer in individual

Visiting: When a man needs straightforwardly to speak with the partner, he/she can utilize this administration. In the event that a man is in online that individual can speak with the other individual through the framework situated at a various area.

VIEW MESSAGES: This undertaking comprises of both on the web/disconnected messages. on the off chance that the client is online he can specifically communicate with the other client. On the off chance that the client is in disconnected he can see the message when he logins for whenever.

Worker HIERARCHICAL: This undertaking keeps up the pecking order for the representatives.


Undertaking Leader


LOGIN DATE/TIME: When the client logins the framework, the login time is consequently recorded.

LOGOUT DATE/TIME: When the client logouts the framework, the logout time is consequently recorded.

These Login and Logout time are observed by the directors/venture pioneers relying on the chain of command.


Non-exclusive Technology Keywords: Databases, User Interface, Programming

Particular Technology Keywords: Net, C#.Net, MS SQL Server

Venture Type Keywords: Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing

SDLC Keywords: Presentation, Business, Data Access Layers


Working System Server: – Microsoft Windows 2000 or Higher

Information Base Server: Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005


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