Isolated Single Stage Bidirectional AC-DC converter with power decoupling and reactive power control to interface battery with the single-phase grid


An isolated single stage bidirectional AC-DC converter with an arrangement associated cushion to control decoupling is proposed to interface battery with the single stage network. None electrolytic capacitor is utilized in the proposed structure. The converter is an altered AC-DC DAB arrangement full single stage converter where a third dynamic extension is utilized to control decoupling and it is arrangement associated with the amended network voltage dynamic scaffold.

An exceptionally down to earth bidirectional power decoupling system which controls the voltage sufficiency in the arrangement associated cradle (SCB) is proposed. Not at all like existing structures, two autonomous time-variation obligation proportions is connected on both AC dynamic extensions (redressed matrix and the arrangement associated support) and settled obligation proportion on DC side (battery). The proposed adjustment permits the power decoupling of the low recurrence AC matrix voltage varieties in the arrangement thunderous circuit.

Therefore, the relentless state reaction of the proposed AC-DC converter with SCB is likeness a DC-DC DAB with an arrangement resounding circuit. Decoupled close circle control for the framework current and for the SCB voltage are executed. Besides, responsive power in the lattice is repaid in the tank circuit with settled obligation proportion on the DC side. Bidirectional power stream is controlled with stage move balance. High effectiveness is gotten because of Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) in all MOSFETs. At long last, the 1kW model is approved tentatively.

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