Our venture depends on the requirement for the work holding gadgets. This plan and manufacture which will empower the activity like penetrating, reaming, tapping process less demanding. Our task is essentially made out of plan and manufacture of the “PNEUMATIC DRILL JIG” which cover the outright outline to the predefined measurements of the workpiece. This case dance is practical intends to create

This pneumatic penetrates dance is given a pneumatic cinching course of action. This sort of clasping course of action spares the setting time, checking time, punching time and so on when the packed air is taken from an advantageous medium to give pope cinching power and great grasping to the part. As the amount to deliver is vast the proposed pneumatic penetrate dance satisfies the large-scale manufacturing prerequisite in the shop. Cinching should be possible by discharging the influenced air utilizing valves.

The part is set in the middle of the Jig plate and the locator, which is on the cylinder pole. At the point when the valve is opened, the compacted air from the compressor will go into the barrel through a gap at the base of the chamber. The cylinder inside the barrel is made to push the upward way. At the point when the cylinder moves the locator braces the segment inflexibly. Presently the part is prepared for penetrating activity.

At the point when the two-way valve is shut the cylinder will come back to base position to discharge the clasps. When we close the valve, the cylinder will come in high power in descending course. So these are chances for the harm of cylinder. To maintain a strategic distance from this, we are utilizing FLOW CONTROL VALVE to control the stream of the cylinder. This can be rehashed with an indistinguishable system from portrayed previously.


 It takes out the individual stamping, situating and visit checking.

 The activity time is diminished because of increment in speed, nourish and profundity of cut as a result of high clasping unbending nature.

 It is particularly valuable in large-scale manufacturing.

 It makes conceivable to utilize untalented or semi-talented administrator to make funds in labor cost.

 It halfway computerizes the devices.

 It lessens the consumptions on quality control of machine parts.


 It is utilized for little size parts.

 Forces causing diversion may originate from dealing with.

Download: pneumatic drill

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