A Uniform Control Strategy for the Interlinking Converter in Hierarchical Controlled Hybrid AC/DC Microgrids


This project introduces a uniform control methodology for the bi-directional air conditioning/dc interlinking converter (BIC) in a hierarchically controlled hybrid microgrid. The uniform control methodology brings together extraordinary control structures for multifunctional BIC regarding power administration, air conditioning, and dc voltage bolster. With the brought together control structure, different activating systems for BIC mode-switch are not obligatory in light of the pertinent situation changes in the power organize.

Subsequently, the negative results, for example, unsmooth progress and framework fall due to the off-base or slower mode switch, can be evaded. In addition, the uniform control technique is likewise relevant for the various leveled controlled half breed microgrid, whose control engineering is regularly contained the brought together and decentralized levels. This empowers the communication fault ride-through capacity and the effect of the communication disappointments would thus be able to be alleviated. To aggregate up the over two highlights, the proposed control system can give a smooth activity to the BIC without control mode switch in case of unexpected situation changes in power or correspondence organize. To confirm the legitimacy of the proposed uniform control strategy, the controller hardware-in-the-loop experimental results have been provided in this project.

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