Embedded Project on Solar Powered LED Street Light with Auto Intensity Control


The undertaking is intended for LED-based road lights with auto intensity control utilizing solar power from photovoltaic cells. As awareness for solar energy is expanding, more and more individuals and institutions are opting for solar energy. Photovoltaic panels are used for charging batteries by converting the sunlight into electricity. Photovoltaic boards are utilized for charging batteries by changing over the daylight into power. A charge controller circuit is utilized to control the charging.

The intensity of street lights is required to be kept high during peak hours. As the activity on the road tends to decrease slowly in late nights, the intensity can be decreased logically till morning to save energy. In this way, the road lights switch ON at the sunset and after that turn OFF at the sunrise naturally. The procedure repeats each day.

High-Intensity Discharge lights (HID) utilized for urban streetlight depend on the standard of gas release, along these lines the power isn’t controllable by any voltage lessening strategy as the release way is broken. Driven lights are the eventual fate of lighting, on account of their low vitality utilization and long life they are quick supplanting traditional lights world over.

White Light Emitting Diode (LED) can supplant the HID lights where power control is conceivable by beat width regulation. The power control helps in sparing vitality amid late evenings while movement thickness in the city is low.

A programmable microcontroller of 8051 family is locked in to give diverse forces at the distinctive circumstances of night utilizing PWM strategy, for energy putting something aside for sunlight based framework, utilizing a charge controller for battery charging, over-burden and profound release assurance.

This project can be improved by using time programmed dusk to dawn switching based on latitude and longitude of a specific place. It can also be interfaced to a LDR to follow the switching operation precisely.

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