PHP File Tracker Manager

Document Track Manager is a framework intended for Tanzania Revenue Authority with the end goal of observing citizens records. The motivation behind why we made this framework was because of the loss of citizen records either by representatives or removal of the document. Record Manager has 3 get to levels:

  • The Admin who is responsible for enlisting clients and secret word administration.
  • The Register who acknowledges acquire and return demand of documents includes new records and looks for records.
  • The ordinary client who gets and returns records into the framework.
  • Record/Leads/Contact Management
  • History Notes for Accounts with a Timeline of Events
  • Simple introduce with straightforward advances utilizing install.php
  • Full Log capacity when accounts get included and erased
  • Table log of client logins and information alteration
  • Double client consents gatherings (administrator and essential client accounts)
  • Administrator Approval before new client account setup
  • Captcha™ math issue on login/overlooked/enlist pages to shield from savage power assaults
  • Full Feature Admin Section; with client management, extra logs, and board settings
  • Clean easy to use interface
  • Exceedingly configurable (Commented Code)
  • Review Log on changes
  • Self User Register/Forgot Password
  • Variant Update Check
  • Import/Export Accounts/Contacts


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