ASP Project On Advertisement Server

ASP Project On Advertisement Server


Publicizing Resources are present with promoting patterns, Internet news, and innovation. The Internet offers an expanding number of chances for independent companies to publicize their items and administrations. Web ads can take numerous structures, from the now pervasive flag advertisements and fly up promotions, to web index advertisements, email promotions, discourse gatherings, websites, pamphlets, and spilling sound and video.

System sponsors are organizations that convey online promotions. You pay them to put your promotions on other Web destinations. In like manner, a system publicist will pay you for enabling different organizations to put their promotions on your Web webpage. Some system sponsors work in putting flag promotions, and different sorts of graphical, interactive media advertisements, on Web webpage pages. Others have practical experience in setting advertisements in email bulletins.


The “MULTI-LEVEL ADVERTISING SERVER” is a PC server, particularly a web server that stores notice utilized as a part of web-based promoting and conveys them to site guests. For outlining the Web Page we need to utilize Asp. Net utilizing C# Language and putting away the points of interest we need to utilize SQL Server. Advertisement serving depicts the innovation and administration that spots promoting efforts.

A promotion server is a name for the association, equipment, and programming that conveys advertisings inventive to the client’s program. An advertisement server arrangement is an intense online promotion serving innovation answer for distributors, online retailers, and other media properties.

A promotion server is a PC server, particularly a web server that stores ads utilized as a part of internet advertising and conveys them to site guests. Promotion serving portrays the innovation and administration that spots ads on sites.

Promotion serving innovation organizations give programming to sites and publicists to serve advertisements, check them, pick the promotions that will make the site or sponsor most cash, and screen advance of various publicizing efforts. A promotion server is a name for the association, equipment, and programming that convey publicizing imaginative to the client’s program. An advertisement server arrangement is an intense online promotion serving innovation answer for distributors, online retailers, and other media properties.


The promotion server has a few modules. Chairman can control all procedures of the whole undertaking. An administrator can log in whenever to see the procedure for all clients. An administrator can screen every one of the exercises of the clients. Offshoot Signs up outside of the framework or administrator makes another subsidiary in the framework. In light of this setting, another member will be placed in either pending or affirmed state. Distributor An individual or association engaged with the production and scattering of notices.

Commercial with Web Host Industry Review magazine enables your organization to focus on a spurred group of onlookers of Web have Industry Influencers, chiefs, purchasers, providers, examiners, and customers. Perusers hope to Web Host Industry Review for the data that aides and impacts their obtaining choices on Web facilitating administrations and related devices. Regardless of whether your organization is looking extend its image acknowledgment, or just acquire customers, this task can enable your business to develop with a publicizing effort customized to both your financial plan and wanted outcomes Opportunities incorporate pennants, content connections, spotlights and label sponsorships.

• Admin Login

• Publisher Login

• Affiliate Login

• Advertisement Details

• Report Information

• Commission Process


The administrator is the mindful individual to go to a page. He/She have approved client name and secret word to go to Login Page. He can ready to see Advertisement points of interest and select the required Advertisement from the distributor. What’s more, distributed on Website.


This Module is Publisher Login. He/She additionally would permission be able to Login to Page and select the suitable News and distribute on the Website.


In this task principle point is, the New Company to get authorization from this Ad server site to end up a distributor of this Website. After understand that Username and Login they can ready to distribute their Company Pages into this Website.


This Module is Advertisement detail Module. Here the Admin ought to enter every one of the points of interest of the of the Advertisement Page. The Size of the Page, cost those points of interest are entered here.


This Module is utilized to give Report data about the distributing Site from Advertisement detail Table.


This Module is utilized to demonstrate the Commission subtle elements for Advertisement Website. Here Payment points of interest are included and Payment ID will be created.


Publicizing goes for advancing the items and administrations of an organization. It helps in the formation of a brand personality and fills in as a successful intends to impart to the world the estimation of the item or the administration. Through various promoting strategies, organizations accomplish a development in the offers of their items and administrations by drawing in the majority towards them. Distinctive sorts of promoting systems go for featuring the item highlights and realizing its uniqueness in connection with its rivals. Promoting systems regularly plan to influence an item to emerge by tossing light on its highlights that influence it to appear to be unique from the rest. Publicizing is brought out through various media with the goal that the notices pick up a mass interest. It is brought before people in general through different channels to guarantee that the item or the administration is seen by the overall population. Following is a depiction about the different kinds of promoting strategies.

Print promoting makes utilization of the print media, for example, magazines and daily papers. The print media likewise offers choices like publicizing through handouts or leaflets. The adequacy of the promises made through the print media relies upon the fame of the media utilized. The ads, which show up in unmistakable daily papers, have a more noteworthy possibility of being taken note. Fliers and pamphlets are usually appropriated with daily papers and supplements are connected to daily papers. In such cases, the fame of the daily paper and the area of the promotion in it matter most.


Web-based publicizing is a type of advancement that uses the Internet and World Wide Web for the communicated reason for conveying promoting messages to pull in clients. Cases of web-based publicizing incorporate logical advertisements on web index come about pages, pennant promotions, Rich Media Ads, Social system promoting, interstitial advertisements, online arranged publicizing, promoting systems and email showcasing, including email spam.

One noteworthy advantage of internet promoting is the prompt distributing of data and substance that isn’t restricted by geology or time. Keeping that in mind, the rising zone of intuitive publicizing presents new difficulties for sponsors who have heretofore received an interruptive methodology.

Another advantage is the effectiveness of sponsor’s venture. Web-based promoting takes into account the customization of ads, including content and posted sites. For instance, Ad Words, Yahoo! Inquiry Marketing and AdSense empower advertisements appeared on pertinent WebPages or aside of query items of pre-picked watchwords. Another is the installment technique. Whatever obtaining variety is chosen, the installment is typically relative to groups of onlookers’ reaction.


Processor: Pentium 4

Processor Speed: 2.40GHz

RAM: 512 MB

Hard Disk  :  80GB

CD Drive :  Samsung 52X


Environment                 :   Visual studio .NET 2005

.NET Framework              :    VERSION 2.0

Language                          :   ASP.NET with C#

Operating System            :   WINDOWS 2000/XP

Back End                         :   SQL SERVER 2000

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