WRE002 – Gravity dam Designing


A gravity dam has been characterized as a structure which is planned so that its very own weight opposes the outside powers. This kind of a structure is most sturdy and strong, and requires next to no support. Such a dam might be built of stone work or then again concrete. In any case, solid gravity dams are favored nowadays and for the most part built. They can be developed effortlessly on any dam site, where there exists a whiz establishment sufficiently able to hold up under the colossal weight of the dam. Such a dam is for the most part straight in plan, albeit now and again, it might be marginally bend.

The line of the upstream face of the dam, or the line of the crown of the dam if the upstream face in inclining, is taken as the reference line for design purposes, and so forth and is known as the Base line of the dam or the ‘Hub. of the Dam’. At the point when appropriate conditions are accessible, such dams vehicle be developed up to extraordinary statures. The most astounding gravity dam on the planet is Excellent Dixence Dam in Switzerland (284 m), trailed by ·Bhakta dam in India (226 m); both are of solid gravity type. The proportion of base width to stature of every one of these structures is under 1 : 1.


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