scholarship management system


This project is developed for a scholarship department of a college.  The scholarship department handles the scholarships sanctioned by the government to various students of the colleges.  It computerizes all the transactions of scholarship department like issuing of forms, submission of forms, and sanction from college and distribution to the students. This project intends to reduce the heavy paperwork, which is otherwise involved, in the manual system.  Different types of reports are generated.

                At present the college maintains manual records, in the form of registers, files, etc. to store the scholarship details of the students.  New scholarships to be issued, involves heavy paperwork.  It also leads to data redundancy. Ex. Students details are recorded in multiple files. To overcome all these we are developing this Scholarship Information System.

To provide maximum services to the users. To reduce the errors and the paper work that occurs in the manual system.


  1. Masters: This module stores all the types of scholarships, and the list of all the students who have applied for scholarship.  Scholarships are applied by the college on behalf of the students, which are sanctioned by the Govt.

  • Applications/Allotments: This module deals with the applications made by the students for different types of scholarship provided by the Government.

  • Details about the student: This module deals with the complete information about the students who applied for scholarship. This information contains credits, attendance and other personal information.

  • Allotment to students: This page is used to store the details of the students, to whom the scholarship is sanctioned.  This page stores the details of the scholarship amount sanctioned to specific students.

  • Scholarship Issues – This module deals with the issue of scholarship amount to the students. This also contains the changes in the scholarship amount if occurred due to some government issues etc.
  • Status of the Scholarship: This module contains the complete information about the every student who applied for scholarship and details about the amount sanctioned for every semester/year to the student in a particular page.

  • Reports: Various reports are generated, which provide the information like list of students applied for scholarship, list of students selected for scholarship, amount sanctioned, etc.

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