Embedded Project on Life Cycle Testing of Electrical Loads by Down Counter


The desired number is entered through a keypad interfaced to a microcontroller of 8051 family. Upon activation, the framework counts down one each second till the set number achieves zero. A relay switches the load ON and OFF for each count accordingly testing the life cycle of the product.

The working life of many products, for example, a lamp depends upon the number of ON/OFF cycles it encounters. This project is designed to be utilized as a part of enterprises for testing the life cycle of such electrical loads (lights, engines and so on) utilizing a down counter.

This proposed framework utilizes microcontroller of 8051 family with a keypad interfaced to it to enter a required number.7-segment displays are utilized for displaying the number/count.

Once the circuit is powered, the counter is set utilizing the keypad to count down somewhere in the range of 999 to 0. The counter begins decrementing from the set number to 0 for every each check and all the while making the load (i.e. globule in this circuit) turn ON and OFF by a transfer. Achieving the zero count it finally remains OFF.

The project can be further enhanced by utilizing mono stable triggering device to stop the counter in case of a failure of the load before achieving the zero. In this manner, the exact life cycle of the load can be estimated.

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