Our undertaking work is “PNEUMATIC FORKLIFT” it can be utilized for lifting the vehicle amid the supplant the wheel because of cut.

In current Manufacturing innovation, quicker and simple innovation is unavoidable.

A pneumatic framework is utilized to a most critical procedure of Industries and Harbor. Any work was done by the Pneumatic framework, Ex: Lifting, Pulling, Pushing, Pressing, and so forth., above process can be made to effortlessly vide by the Pneumatic framework. In this technique for apparatuses, work is composed through Air Pressure. So these procedures are utilized to a wide range of work. A wide range of works can be effectively completed for this Air pumping weight making technique. Pneumatic pump and Pneumatic chamber have utilized this procedure. Pneumatic barrel’s slam is increment and reduction task completed in this procedure.

By and large, Pneumatic chamber tasks depend on Pneumatic pump activity. Air is pumping to the Pneumatic barrel by utilizing Pneumatic pump framework. It’s the manual task.

Air is put away in the Pneumatic barrel. So high gaseous tension make in the chamber divider. In this time, a smash can move in the chamber divider. So slam can perform to our chose work.

Occupations moving activity depends on length of the smash. Diverse sorts of employment can be performed in this technique. Illustration Pneumatic auto jack, Pneumatic JCB crane, Pneumatic pipe twisting machine and so on…

This task manages the creation of the model of pneumatic forklift. It comprises basically of two sections i.e. the Direction control valve and the pneumatic framework as well as the structure


1. It does not require current conveying links.

2. No additional ability is required for working this framework.

3. Easier upkeep

4. Operation is exceptionally smooth and in this framework we can get more yield by applying less exertion.

5. Straightforward development of pneumatic components and simple taking care of.

6. Relatively less expensive in cost then alternate frameworks.

7. Contrasted with water driven and mechanical machine pneumatic forklift is temperate


• Stroke length is settled

• Even a touch of spillage may bring about power misfortune

• The max weight is utilized as a part of the chamber is (10-12bar)


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