Embedded Project on Security System Using Smartcard Technology


This project is intended to access an area or control a device by utilizing a substantial smart card as it were. The security of any association is the best most need for the concerned experts. Hence just, the approved individual with a valid smart card is permitted to work the device/to get to a protected region.

Earlier, human supervision was required to screen every one of these parameters, however with this proposed framework no supervision is required as just approved people are provided with valid smart cards to operate devices.

A smart card reader is provided to peruse information from the card allocated to the approved workforce. The smart card peruser is interfaced to an 8051 family microcontroller. At whatever point the information read by the smart card matches with the information on the microcontroller then LCD would show that the card is approved and a hand-off is utilized at the same time to switch ON a light (demonstrating a gadget or access to anchor region).

On the off chance that an invalid card is embedded in the smart card per user, it shows that the card isn’t approved and the heap (i.e. light) stays OFF demonstrating that the client isn’t approved to get to the specific region/gadget. This task can be improved further by incorporating GSM modem with the end goal that any endeavor of unapproved gets to is made, at that point, a ready SMS is sent to the concerned division.

Advance it can be moved up to RFID/Thumb/IRIS ID framework for the higher level of the security framework.

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