AN025 – Android Attendance System Using RFID


Attendance is essential for any organization and is quickly developing as far as changes in technology and speed. From paper-based to the digital advanced system and we display a system which utilizes an Android system to fulfill all the requirements for an Attendance System.

It utilizes the most reliable method for uniquely identifying students through an android application. Such type of Android application is exceptionally valuable in school and also in college for daily attendance. Through this system, we can keep an orderly track of student’s attendance on the daily basis.

This project enables the easy method for maintaining up class participation with fewer efforts. This System oversees participation as well as class, teachers,  students, and subjects. This System has 3 clients specifically; Admin who is responsible to manage class teachers, students and subjects. The teacher who takes participation and also can see the participation report and the Student who can just view all the attendance progress.

Download: Android Attendance System Using RFID

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