Embedded Project on Networking of Multiple Microcontrollers


The project is designed to demonstrate how multiple microcontrollers can be associated in a network to achieve the desired output. This technology is broadly used as a part of modern automobiles. More and more microcontrollers are embedded in different kinds of product from the industrial environment to domestic area; the good example is in the automobile sector. A modern-day car has the number of microcontrollers integrated within its system. As this number increases, the networking and communication between them become necessary. The importance of having multiple microcontrollers against a single one is if one of the microcontrollers goes bad only the function related to that particular microcontroller will be affected.

The project shows command based monitoring tool utilizing the RS232 protocol. A system of three microcontrollers is utilized as a part of this project. The first is associated with a keypad for input activity while the second one is associated with an LCD display and the third one to drive a hand-off for controlling any load (LAMP). Information takes a password on the main MC to show it on the second MC while the third one executes the yield just if the password is correct. Off-base watchword if entered will produce a bell sound. In spite of the fact that this undertaking can be performed by a solitary microcontroller, the undertaking utilizes various microcontrollers to clarify the idea of systems administration.

It is for all intents and purposes inconceivable by a solitary microcontroller to deal with input activity, show and yield which are found way separated. For instance, a show unit requiring 15 associations from the microcontroller should be overseen utilizing a multi center link, also for a keypad utilizing 7 associations. In this way, for substantial number of sources of info and presentations, it would require multi center information link to be associated with the MC running over kilometers, while this undertaking utilizes a couple of wire just along these lines diminishing the entanglements in wiring and cost too.

Facilitate this task being founded on serial communication can be improved by utilizing wireless communication among the controllers by avoiding costly cabling.

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