Embedded Project on Optimum Energy Management System


The energy utilization of building speaks to a large part of the world’s aggregate energy utilization. With a specific end goal to accomplish this venture is created to screen the number of people entering and as well as leaving a room. This is a favored method for controlling electrical loads by ‘exchanging on’ the lights as the first person enter, and after that turning off as the last person leave.

The task is intended to monitor the number of people entering and in as well as leaving a room. Electrical loads are switched  ON as the first person enters and switches OFF when the last person leaves out. IR sensors utilized as a part of a mix with the microcontroller to screen every one of the tasks. This aide in sparing part of vitality.

There are two sets sensors, each kept at certain separation from the other. One set of sensor comprised of a transmitter and a collector kept precisely inverse to each other. The transmitting part produces adjusted IR light which is gotten at the beneficiary end and nourished to a microcontroller of 8051 family. At the point when a man goes into the room then microcontroller faculties it (with the assistance of IR sensors) and augmentations the tally and shows it on 7 portion shows and furthermore switches ON the heap. Similarly, when a man leaves the room, the tally gets decremented. At the point when the last individual ways out of the room, the light is turned OFF. The heap activity is taken care of by a transfer interfaced to the microcontroller.

Advance the undertaking can be improved by utilizing clock course of action in the project so that if the load switching doesn’t occur for some reasons as desired at that point clock would finish the assignment after prefixed time.

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