An Improved H5 Topology with Low Common- Mode Current for Transformerless PV Grid-Connected Inverter


Transformerless photovoltaic grid-connected inverters have turned out to be increasingly famous in the field of conveyed photovoltaic power generation systems because of the focal points on high efficiency, minimal effort, and little size. Be that as it may, normal mode streams in the transformerless photovoltaic inverters can result in genuine electromagnetic impedance issues and security issues, which will lessen the unwavering quality of the photovoltaic inverter systems.

In this project, an enhanced H5 topology, specifically H5-D topology, is proposed, in which a cinching diode is included the premise of H5 topology to dispose of the regular mode voltage variance in H5 topology. Further, the reproduction aftereffects of the H5-D topology and H5 topology are given and thought about by utilizing PSIM programming, particularly, on the execution of regular mode streams concealment. At long last, the trial models of the H5-D topology and H5 topology are constructed and tried, the test results approve the benefits of the H5-D topology. The proposed H5-D topology provides a new practical topology for distributed photovoltaic grid-connected power generation systems.

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