Embedded IEEE Project  A Real-Time Flood Alert System for Parking Lots


Floods are a steady danger during the time to the United States and its territories like Puerto Rico. In spite of the fact that there are different strategies for alerts available, for example, the Emergency Broadcast System or alarms, none of these can caution a client remotely in a proficient and auspicious way.

The plan objective of this venture is to give an ongoing system ready to screen sudden surges in parking garages, tending to the worry of water harm to vehicles; making an individual pick in ready that could achieve an end client through their cell phone. For this situation, the system characterizes two kinds of hubs: Sensing and Sink. Each detecting hub utilizes a hydrostatic weight sensor to screen the water levels; it will then speak with neighboring hubs by means of XBee radios until the point when the information achieves the sink hub.

The sink hub is then in charge of sending the got information from the sensors to a remote server by means of mobile communication network (GSM). An exceptional database of clients and surge levels will then be prepared and taken care of by the server, which will send clients an email ready that will achieve any cell phone as a text message (SMS).

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