WRE003 – Design of irrigation canal and comparison of irrigation system


The whole water transport framework for water system, containing the primary waterway, branch trenches, major and minor distributaries, field channels and water courses must be legitimately planned. The plan procedure contains discovering the longitudinal incline of the channels and settling the cross areas. The channels themselves might be comprised of various development materials. For instance, the principle and branch waterways might be lined and the littler ones unlined.

Notwithstanding for the unlined channels, there could be some going through soils which are erodible because of high water speed, while some others may go through solid soils or shake, which might be generally less inclined to disintegration. Further, the bank slants of trenches would be distinctive for trenches going through free or hardened soils or shake. In this exercise, we talk about the general methods for structuring waterway areas, based on various down to earth contemplations.

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