Php project on Computer Science Dictionary


Computer Society’s Computer Dictionary Project has served the society, the Computer professionals all through the world by producing glossaries of computer-related terminology. The project is working group has completed one glossary for every one of 10 computer science regions: the mathematics of computing, computer applications, modeling and simulation, image processing and pattern recognition, data management, computer graphics, computer networking, computer hardware, software engineering, and computer languages. A glossary with terms pertaining to artificial intelligence and robotics and another with terms pertaining to computer security and privacy are awaiting final approval and are scheduled to be published later. The working group is as still studying terms relating to computation theory. The Computer Dictionary Project’s work gives the sort of clear, reliable phrasing that illuminates definitions, institutionalizes term use, and facilitate communication between computer professionals. The project’s work attracts a particularly wide readership in light of the fact that the glossaries’ 10,000 terms and definitions additionally appear in the popular Dictionary of Electrical and Electronics Terms. Like all IEEE models, the task’s glossaries are subject to review and possible update every year.

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