Social Security Number ASP Project


Data around a person’s place and date of birth can be misused to anticipate his or her Social Security number (SSN). Utilizing just freely accessible data, we watched a connection between’s people’s SSNs and their introduction to the world information and found that for more youthful companions the relationship permits factual surmising of private SSNs.

The surmisings are influenced conceivable by general society accessibility of the Social Security Administration’s Death To ace File and the far-reaching availability of individual data from different sources, for example, information merchants or profiles on interpersonal interaction locales.

Our outcomes feature the surprising security results of the mind-boggling collaborations among numerous information sources in present-day data economies and measure protection dangers related to data disclosure out in the open gatherings

The motivation behind THE PROJECT:

A framework and strategy for an entrance code guarantor to get an online application including certain individual data from a client of a PC system, for example, the Internet, to freely operatively associate with a database and acquire or confirm statistic and extra individual data in regards to the client, and issue an entrance code to the client.

The client enters this entrance code while getting to different hubs or sites of a majority of subsidiary substance suppliers.

The substance suppliers get or confirm the client’s socioeconomics by operatively associating with the entrance code backer, in this way acquiring or checking the socioeconomics of the guest to its site without requiring the guest to enter his or her statistic data or to autonomously give verification thereof to the substance supplier.

The substance supplier would then be able to modify the introduction and publicizing on its site as indicated by the socioeconomics of the client, as well as can confine access to its site or segments thereof in view of socioeconomics or other data with respect to the client. Validation is given utilizing a part of a government-managed savings number.

Scope of the project

The entire application contains an aggregate of three modules.

1. Admin module

2. Departments

• Revenue

• Police

• Bank

• Govt

3. User


Administrator Module Maintains the Department parts and Reports and User Information and Accepts User asks.


The office keeps up the Revenue, Police, Bank, Govt.


Needs to enlist first to submit dissension and to know the status of the protestation


Exhibit framework is manual. The Project Metrics needs to enter every one of the subtle elements of undertaking, archives, and errands. It additionally supports the group data and furthermore endeavors estimation. For this reason, the association keep up the extent of the report, source code and refresh the data about colleague’s points of interest physically. Which is quite a bit of tedious process and all the more imperatively it is mistake inclined. Impediments of the Manual framework

1. It is tedious

2. It prompts mistake inclined outcomes

3. It devours parcel of labor to better outcomes

4. It absences of information security

5. Retrieval of information takes part of time

6. Percentage of exactness is less

7. Reports set aside opportunity to deliver

Thus Computerization of the current framework is proposed. The new framework totally expels every single manual weight and give productive on the passage framework.


Targets of the Proposed System

1. To produce the speedy reports

2. To make exactness and effective figurings

3. To give appropriate data quickly

4. To give information security

5. To give gigantic upkeep of records

6. Flexibility of exchanges can be finished in time

In the wake of understanding the current framework and understanding the requirement for building up another framework diverse individuals associated with the related exercises have been counseled. The information required for the investigation has been gathered from organization records.

The computerization of this framework would stay away from the wrong understanding and terrible figuring of information.The framework enables the client to perceive any archives, to the source code, errands, exercises, group data with subtle elements at the snap of a catch. The record information is kept up and moved down such a route, to the point that information isn’t misfortune. The speed of the framework could likewise increment.





Programming: VS.NET 2003



Smash: 128MB


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