ASP Project On E2m Conference

ASP Project On E2m Conference


Dynamic Intranet assumes a run of the mill part and acts like a connection between Units of an Organization generally a corporate organization.

The principal target of “E2M Conference” is to present an electronic framework in a broadly spread association which can be utilized as an asset for the private system, keeping in mind the end goal to satisfy the essential needs of an Organization like Information sharing, Communication, Document Viewing and also sharing. This likewise gives a simple and quick interface for the representatives of an Organization to play out their errands rapidly and productively.By giving this completely private system the data with respect to the Organization can be gotten from any edge of the world in an exceedingly secured way.


 Information sharing among representatives in association

 Document review and sharing.

 Managing Branches, Departments, and Employees.


• Time Delay: It is wasteful to manage voluminous information physically in the current framework, record put away in various documents. It requires part of an investment to look changed documents.

• Redundancy: As the branches are situated in various areas, same documents must be put away at all branches which include part of confusions and duplication works in this manner causes repetition.

• Accuracy: Since same information is gathered at various branches the likelihood of classifying information wrong increments additionally information is more, approval winds up troublesome. It might bring about a loss of exactness of information.


• Advantages: Computerizing of an association whose branches are arranged in various areas and interfacing them through Intranet. This gives simple getting to of shared information and gives correspondence channel between representatives

• Reliability: The task performs expected capacity with required accuracy; consequently this venture is exceptionally dependable.

• Feasibility: The task support is simple and adjustments can be made in the current framework in future. The task can interconnect to different gatherings inside the association and furthermore to all different branches under a coordinated system.


The application contains the accompanying modules.

 Manager

 Employee

 Administration


Content Description

HDD 20 GB Min

40 GB Recommended

RAM 1 GB Min

2 GB Recommended


Content Description

OS Windows XP with SP2 or Windows Vista

Database MS-SQL server 2005

Technologies ASP.NET with C#.NET

IDE Ms-Visual Studio.Net 2008

Browser IE

DOWNLOAD: E2M Conference

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