ASP Project On E – Sales Order Processing System


The undertaking entitled “SALES ORDER PROCESSING” has been composed and produced for any Electrical and Electronics Enterprises or some other.

The primary point of this venture is to computerization of day by day exercises in the undertaking. It is a database framework for making a specific related data, for resulting investigation control and application.

This undertaking contains a few modules to record the insights about the Product, Customer subtle elements, Order points of interest and Bill insights about the merchandise which the Customer has bought from the endeavor. What’s more, it keeps up the reports about the Products, Customers, Orders, and Bills. This undertaking is exceptionally valuable to deal the products in any venture.

The task entitled “SALES ORDER PROCESSING” has been planned and produced for any Electrical and Electronics Enterprises or some other.

The principal point of this undertaking is to computerization of day by day exercises in the endeavor. It is a database framework for making a particular related data, for ensuing investigation control and application.

The framework has diverse modules for different exercises. The different modules of the framework they are the recording of new products(addition, modification, deletion), keeping up the Customer subtle elements, keeping up the Order points of interest from the Customer and recording the Bill points of interest of merchandise which were acquired by the Customer.


Every module is intended for every action that ought to be recorded without fail. Utilizing this framework the administration can record effectively and put away in the database. Recovering the old records additionally made simple in this framework. With the goal that the administration can recover the records and make utilization of them.

The database framework is created consummately which does not enable the client to enter the wrong information consequently it encourage the administration. This database administration is produced for recovering records with rectifying records so it is solid. Usage of this framework requires the utilization of PCs with the most flexible framework. Thus, this product is created on MS-Windows stage utilizing Visual Basic 6.0

The SALES ORDER PROCESSING is created for the everyday deals that are going in the specific firm or an Enterprise.

The significant sort of exchanges that are being conveyed in SALES ORDER PROCESSING are

Item Details

Client Details

Requests Details

Bills Details


Item Details:


Client Details:


Request Details:

Order no,order_date,customer_code,pcode,company_name.quantity_ordered,amount


Receipt_no,order_no,receipt_date,type(cash or cheque),amount_paid,



The primary goal while actualizing the task Sales Order Processing framework were to limit the work and in the meantime increment the speed of the work done.

This new framework is worked with the accompanying goal:

1) Information recovery will turn out to be simple.

2) Maintenance of database and in addition general undertaking will move toward becoming simple.

3) Security measure will be embraced, by keeping up the login of username and the secret word.

4) Data excess will be incredibly diminished in light of the fact that this new framework is constructed utilizing Visual Basic 6.0 as front-end. It involves investigating duplication of endeavors, bottlenecks, and wasteful existing strategies.

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