Php project on Article Search Engine


These days each client who utilizes Internet needs to search for anything and everything without exception, as Educational colleges, about Information Technology, books, news and so forth., utilizing Search Engines. This is the requirement for each one.

This project is a simple search engine, which searches through the web with 3 search s and chooses 25 top links and lists them. To develop this project we applied a ranking algorithm to give better results to the client.

Clients Access the internet and get data From various Web sites. The way to The approach to finding information From websites is a difficult task. To ease of searching of different data over the sites by giving search keywords requires a software. The web search engine software ensures the end client to get the data by getting to the sites indicated in the database.

We cover many Search engines and data is given in four key areas on our site:

1. Search Engine News
2. Search Engine Marketing
3. Search Engines Directory
4. Books & Services

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