RCC021- Design of pile caps


A strengthened solid piece or square which interconnects a gathering of heaps and acts as a medium to transmit the heap from divider or section to the Piles is known as a Pile Top. The Pile top ought to ordinarily be unbending to disseminate the powers similarly on the heaps of a gathering. All in all it is structured like a balance on soil yet with the contrast that rather than uniform response from the dirt, the responses for this situation are thought either point stacks or dispersed.

According to IS 2911 (Part I/Sec 3) – 2010, the heap top might be planned by expecting that the heap from section is scattered at 45˚ from the highest point of the top up to the mid profundity of the heap top from the base of the section or platform. The response from heaps may likewise be taken to be appropriated at 45˚ from the edge of the heap, up to the mid profundity of the heap top. On this premise the most extreme twisting minute and shear powers ought to be worked out at basic segments.

BASE PAPER: Design of pile caps

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