The fundamental capacity of this framework is to access the delicate records online to the clients and download the application shapes. Every day a large number will be discharged and the new tenders are refreshed so clients can see them and in the event that they are intrigued they can download the delicate frame. Clients should enroll themselves and will get a perpetual client ID and secret key. By this ID and secret word, he can download the delicate structures in future too.

The delicate reports will be provided to the client. This framework can likewise deal with numerous delicate archives at one time i.e. the client can get to different tenders from the organization at one time and can download the required structures. The client can present the points of interest alongside citation to the office through on the web.

At that point, the office individuals assess every one of the tenders put together by clients on assessment date and they designate that work to the client who is qualified and cited for less sum.


In the present delicate dealing with the framework, every one of the tenders is handled through archives. It is a manual framework. This framework is called open report system.In this as a matter of first importance delicate notification are given in newspapers with the insights about work.Then the contractual workers read the delicate warning and purchase the delicate timetable by paying the delicate charge on the off chance that they are intrigued to do that specific work.

In that timetable, every one of the points of interest of the work is accessible to the contractors.Then the contractual workers send accommodation subtle elements which incorporate citation of the delicate before delicate accommodation shutting date through post or by hand.

On assessment date, the division individuals assess all the delicate points of interest put together by the contractors.The office individuals give that work to the temporary worker who is qualified and cited for less sum.


In this framework, it will diminish the labor and spare the time. This is for the most part utilized for download the delicate application frame and alter the Document and transfer the records as required. Which is utilized to see the status of the delicate through on the web.

Reasons To Choose the Online E-Tendering:


Data Protection/Back-up




After watchful investigation the framework has been recognized to have the accompanying modules:

1. Admin Module

2. Manager Module

3. Supplier Module

4. Status module

1. Admin Module

The administrator will play out all the capacity that supervisor and representative can perform and they can see the provider points of interest and connected delicate subtle elements, director details.They can erase and see the provider delicate record Admin will keep up the whole database as per their organization rules.

2. Manager Module

Directors can see various delicate demand archives in the meantime to planning purposes for their particular office. they can support the delicate demand in light of their demand. they can cross out the delicate demand on the off chance that it isn’t appropriate to their organization rules. Chief can transfer new tenders utilizing transfer frame.

3.Supplier Module

The provider can View the accessible tenders in organization whenever and download the application frames. In the event that the provider needs to apply the delicate, they can send the demand to the organization chief through online.s Supplier can see the reaction from the administrator for the asked for delicate is scratch off or affirmed. One provider can apply the various tenders in the meantime.

4.Status module

This module is utilized to show the status of which is the asked for delicate will be endorsed or scratch off by the administrator and the outcome likewise see by the provider.

Software prerequisites:

• Operating System: Windows

• Technology: PHP

• Web Technologies : Html, JavaScript, CSS

• IDE : Notepad++

• Web Server: Wamp2.2e

• Database: My SQL

Hardware prerequisites:

• Hardware – Pentium

• Speed – 1.1 GHz

• RAM – 1GB

• Hard Disk – 20 GB

• Key Board – Standard Windows Keyboard

• Mouse – Two or Three Button Mouse

• Monitor – SVGA

Download: E-Tendering

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