Php project on Online Banking System


The E-Banking is an application that has been created for a well-established bank working primarily in south India. In the world of this competitive environment and technological advancement, the bank has been totally computerized in the last 4 years, and to increase its client base has started planning, for a concept called as e-banking; with this concept, the bank needs to move very nearer to the clients and increase its basic operational strategies. Through E-Banking the bank needs to introduce its core concept of IT-based EnabledServices (ITES). The E-Banking services are executed only upon the client, and the sea-keeping money services would fully integrate with the core banking solution that is already inusage. The major idea is to give a series of services to the client through the internet, and influence the client can feel flexible in calling out simple tasks faster instead of making the visit to the bank every time. The e-saving money benefit is open just to funds bank. Customers and not for current record holders. The client is privileged to utilize a large portion of the system only as a view stage, the only online transactions the client can do are checkbook demand and fund transfer among his personal accounts.


The present system is manual. The Project Metrics needs to enter all the details of the project, reports, and tasks. It likewise maintenance the team data and furthermore efforts estimation. For this purpose, the organization maintenance the size of the record, source code and update the data about team members points of details manually. Which is much of time-consuming process and all the more important it is error-prone.

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