.NET Project On Variable Length Data Encryption Technique using Square Grid Transposition with Key Wrapping


In this project, we have the new approach for encryption of different file formats like text, image, audio and video with key wrapping is proposed. The binary data of a record is separated into an equal size with estimated blocks called as girds. The bit stream of each gird is taken and Square gird transposition is applied. A variable length key based on the gird size considered, say 160 bits for 32-sized gird, 384 bits for 64-sized gird is generated. The key is wrapped up with some public key algorithm say RSA for secret key transposition so that intruder cannot identify. For decryption, the reverse grid transposition and the private key is required. The included session key is obtained by decrypting the wrapped key with the receiver’s private key.


A gird is only a 2-dimensional array of equivalent size. For every single session, the measure of the gird is fixed. The encryption process is done by starting from the center of the grid to the bottom left. This process is done for all the grids formed. At every session the generation of the key for each file is different. The measure of key shifts with the span of the matrix. The session key is encrypted using the RSA algorithm. So that we can provide the security to a key. If the size of the grid is long , then the size of the key is also long.



Broadly our system can be divided into 3 stages

1) Grid transposition of data.

2) Columnar transposition based on the session key.

3) RSA encryption of key.


Processor: Pentium-IV

RAM: 512 MB

Hard Disk : 80GB


Operating System : Windows XP

Front End : VB.NET

BacEnd: SQL server 2005

IDE: MicroSoft Visual Studio 2008

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