Embedded IEEE Project  Improvement in Multiple Access Channel Allocation for Sensor Node Configuration Based on RFID Communication


Wireless sensors e required to be low cost and to reduce their power utilization a large number of sensors can be installed for collecting real-world data. Passive radio-frequency identification (RFID) is proposed to allocate communication channels to sensors that lone send simple detecting signals for their numerous entrance control. In this technique, the RFID reader-writer assign channels to all sensors by composing channel numbers to the RFIDs joined to the sensors.

We propose a strategy that all the more effectively doles out a numerous entrance channel to the controlled sensor by utilizing inactive RFID. We decide the channel by utilizing the electronic product code (EPC) of the RF labels. This approach results in an extensive decrease in the quantity of composes. In any case, it is demonstrated that there is a tradeoff between the decrease in the quantity of composes and the aggregate number of channels. What’s more, our strategy has a tradeoff between the decrease in the number of writes and the spectral efficiency.

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