The Fuzzy System as a Promising Tool for Drugs Selection in Medical Practice


The point of this project was to show the capability of the fluffy framework way to deal with the examination of social insurance databases for clinicians in their standard day by day hone. The social insurance information about 50 000 therapeutic remedy things for 38 990 individual patients and 2601 different codes of analyses sorted by Slovak rendition of the tenth correction of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems were utilized for the review think about. The fluffy framework approach was connected to the investigation of medicinal remedy things for I10.90 and E11.90 comorbid patients as the most as often as possible distinguished cardiovascular and endocrine codes of findings. Almost 64% of co-recognized I10.90 and E11.90 patients were related with other extra analyze.

As indicated by the fluffy framework approach, the metformin or glimepiride in blend with moxonidine, metoprolol, or amlodipine was distinguished as the standard medication inclinations and additionally singular ”know-how” of clinicians in pharmacotherapy of said polymorbid patients from 21 different dynamic substances. The aftereffects of this paper recommend that the fluffy framework way to deal with social insurance information got from insurance agencies might be a useful way of creating data helpful for official conclusion process in the medications determination for comparative polymorbid patients in restorative practice. The got information can be utilized as suggestions for other or potentially for less experienced clinicians in drugs choice for patients with comparable (or surprising) mixes of determinations and in addition in clinical circumstances where the ”brilliant” pharmacotherapeutic principles have not been accurately determined or are thoroughly missing for multi-comorbid patients.

BASE PAPER: The Fuzzy System as a Promising Tool for Drugs Selection in Medical Practice

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