Design and Control of Microgrid Fed by Renewable Energy Generating Sources


This project shows a control of a microgrid at a disengaged area sustained from wind and sun powered based crossover vitality sources. The machine utilized for wind vitality change is doubly fed acceptance generator (DFIG) and a battery bank is associated with a typical dc transport of them. A solar photovoltaic (PV) exhibit is utilized to change over sunlight based power, which is cleared at the normal dc transport of DFIG utilizing a dc-dc support converter in a cost effective way. The voltage and frequency are controlled through a circuitous vector control of the line side converter, which is joined with hang qualities. It adjusts the recurrence set point in view of the energy level of the battery, which backs off finished charging or releasing of the battery.

The system is additionally ready to work when wind control source is inaccessible. Both breeze and sun oriented vitality squares have maximum power point tracking (MPPT) in their control calculation. The framework is intended for finish programmed activity taking thought of all the handy conditions. The framework is likewise furnished with an arrangement of outer power bolster for the battery charging with no extra prerequisite. A reproduction model of system is produced in MATLAB condition and recreation results are displayed for different conditions, e.g., inaccessibility of wind or sun powered energies, lopsided and nonlinear loads, and low condition of charge of the battery. At long last, a model of the framework is actualized utilizing a 5-kW sun powered PV exhibit test system and a 3.7-kW wound rotor acceptance machine and test results are created to reaffirm the hypothetical model and outline.

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