Android Projects on Android Event Scheduler Or Reminder

Android Projects on Android Event Scheduler Or Reminder


Android application that can help us to remember any occasion/Errand we check on it. It can resemble reminding us about a meeting, time to pay any bill and so forth. The application can take from the client the occasion name, date and time of the occasion. Store the points of interest to the database and caution the client 10 min before the occasion. Straightforward Application for Android telephone, Application will be utilized as an “update” for a particular sort of occasion with the capacity to spare various occasions. Occasions depend on rotating timetable dates and recurrence (client input). Notice/updates will be sent by means of the Instant message.

All the data Adorable Update stores for you is ordered relying upon how it identifies with a period. There are just three straightforward classes: Updates, Notes, and Thoughts. The accompanying table remarks that order. Updates are snippets of data firmly bound to a particular time. For instance, on the off chance that you have a meeting on Monday at 11:00 AM then you should set up an update, which will show up on your desktop at the predefined time inciting you on the occasion. In the event that you have a due date, you set up a suggestion to enable you to take every necessary step in a convenient manner. Notes are snippets of data not bound to a particular due date. You utilize notes to remind you to accomplish something when you have time. For instance, you make a note altogether not to neglect to compose a letter to a companion. Or, then again, you can make a note to store impermanent data, for example, a telephone number or address. The notes are set on your desktop, and they stay unmistakable unless you conceal them. Thoughts are snippets of data, which is dubious, problematic, or deficient. This sort of data does not accept any due dates or prompt activities. You utilize thoughts to abstain from squandering your assets and time dealing with fluffy objectives.

Regardless of whether you are a home client, understudy or expert, it is constantly imperative to keep and compose essential data, dates, and occasions. Secure Update is portable update programming that encourages you to oversee various types of data effortlessly and productivity. Secure Update accompanies bunches of helpful highlights, enabling you to spare your chance, increment efficiency and concentrate on your activity.


Key arranging comes up short is an attestation that vital arranging flops in any case and that the causes won’t surely know. The reasons why key arranging comes up short and the rate of disappointments ought not to be an amazement to anybody since it would propagate another false notion of arranging. Associations commit so much time and vitality to the yearly custom of creating or refreshing their key designs in the event that they are destined to disappointment from the begin. Simply think about the majority of the brilliant, knowledgeable, experienced directors and administrators giving such an extensive amount their associations restricted assets on a movement with such a poor reputation of delivering comes about.


• Difficult to oversee updates physically.

• Planning and planning errands have unpredictability.


With the assistance of Adorable Update programming, you can without much of a stretch make portable sticky notes and make updates for an arrangement, birthday, telephone call, charge installment, meeting, Network program, and different occasions or undertakings. Influence a pill update, to break update, blessing update, and so on., and you will never miss anything imperative.

Favorable position:

• Manage every one of your updates

• Create, hunt, and chronicle your notes

• Generate and satisfy your thoughts

• Plan your chance

• Make your work environment more agreeable.


Make update notes

You can make notes showing on your versatile. Your notes can be shown quickly after creation or in the specific snapshots of time. You can make notes of custom sizes and hues and set diverse sorts for your notes. Note showing can be joined by standard windows sound alerts or clients’ sounds in organizing. An essential note can be proclaimed as VIP-note showing with a flicker and sound backup. The application has a pleasant helpful interface.

Sort out update notes

The refreshed adaptation incorporates highlights pack which when turned ON makes it accessible to append a Callback Alert (on Android) to an Update Note ensuring the update is appeared by a specific date, Allot an Update Note directly after call, regardless of the possibility that the telephone number isn’t in the Address Book, make an Errand straightforwardly on Google Record (on Android) or a Timetable Occasion on default Telephone Logbook directly after call.

Modify versatile updates

Any cell phone that can get instant messages (SMS benefit) can get alarms gave you have a content informing administration design from a taking part remote specialist co-op. Created propelled portable applications, for example, area-based apparatuses and utility applications utilizing Android.

Alter and organization updates

Secure Update enables you to alter and organize your notes any way you require. You can change the content utilizing diverse arrangement alternatives. Adaptable update arrange in view of time/day accessible

Hardware Requirements:

 System: Pentium IV 2.4 GHz.

 Hard Circle: 40 GB.

 Floppy Drive: 1.44 Mb.

 Monitor: 15 VGA Shading.

 Mouse: Logitech.

 Ram: 512 Mb.

Software Requirements:

 Operating framework: Windows XP.

 Coding Language: Java 1.6

 Tool Kit: Android 2.2

 IDE: Eclipse

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