Embedded Project on Automatic Bell System for Institutions


The project is designed to work an electric bell number of times as required in an institution. It overcomes the challenges of switching the bell ON/OFF manually. This proposed has an inbuilt Real-Time clock (RTC) to continue following the time and in this manner to switch ON/OFF the heap in like manner.

The project utilizes a Real-time clock (RTC) interfaced to a microcontroller of 8051 family. While the set time equivalents to the constant, at that point microcontroller, offers order to the relating transfer to turn ON the ringer and afterward another charge to turn OFF according to the program.

Multiple ON/OFF time passage is the greatest favorable position with this project. A matrix keypad to entering the time. A 7-segment display is interfaced to the microcontroller to display time.

Encourage the task can be upgraded by interfacing a GSM modem to the current undertaking with the goal that the total control of the ringer should be possible by sending a SMS to the control unit.

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