Android Based Internal Assessment and Attendance Management System


The maintenance and management of student data is very nearly a tiring process in the educational organizations now-a-days. In this way an effective system for the management of student academic information such as their Attendance, Curriculum performance is required. In addition, the students likewise should be updated with their performance periodically for their improvement in the Academics. The workload of the lectures is huge when handling subjects for in more than one class. In the traditional way, first, the attendance of the considerable number of understudies is recorded physically in a log book and afterward entered again in a work area application. A similar methodology is taken after for recording the imprints for each interior exam. Age of reports on the data utilizing suchsystem is a tedious process which may often results in errors.

A smart mobile phone-based application utilizing Android can be utilized to make this procedure simpler, secure and less error-prone. The essential goal of “Android-Based Internal Management System” is comprised of different systems, for example, attendance system, make entry system, auto calculation system, the feedback system. Parent login username and password are valid means next process is to choose the semester. Parent select the semester option means it will show options like inner mark1, mark2, mark3 points of interest, participation. The parent also can see all the inside check details. When click any of the alternative it will show the enlist no of the understudies. As per the student register no it will display the details. The parent can give the input for the student performance.

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