ASP Project On E-Learning Community

ASP Project On E-Learning Community


This Project talks about the improvement of Online Learning System. Basically concentrating on the examination and configuration stage includes. Web-based Learning System is an electronic, rich-web application where its significant capacity is to give an internet learning and instructing session, to be utilized either as supplement or substitute to ordinary vis-à-vis, classroom-based, educating and learning activities.Among the highlights gave the framework are sound, and video gushing limits, content-based informing, address slides survey and Navigant. The framework will be created as all-inclusive framework utilizing application advancement devices, for example, Macromedia Dreamweaver MX and Macromedia Flash MX.

The Online Learning System (OLS) has many favorable circumstances for the understudies and in addition the speakers and ends up being genuinely giving the end clients a reasonable and intriguing approach to learn and teach.One of the primary points of interest as any OLS would demonstrate to have is the wide region access to give. That is the understudies and teachers might be anyplace on the planet yet at the same time figuring out how to get to the assets and data from anywhere. Another preferred standpoint would be the nearby and simple cooperation between the understudies themselves and the instructors. The teachers may post assignments, gatherings, notes and numerous different types of material without touching base to the University.


The motivation behind framework examination is to know the framework necessity and particular before framework advancement begins. It is extremely imported in light of the fact that the engineer will get a reasonable perspective of the framework that will be produced. It is additionally to build efficiency by making less mistake as a result of watchful arranging.

The Scope of this section will cover the framework necessity of the framework. This is extremely critical in light of the fact that an engineer needs to know the necessity of the framework to start with, without knowing the prerequisite it would be likely that designer will commit a considerable measure of error and the proposed framework may not take after the prerequisite expected to run the product. Process demonstrating, rationale displaying and idea demonstrating will likewise incorporate into this part.


This segment will talk about audit three existing framework that is unitary e-learning group, Multimedia e-learning grounds, and E-learning University Technology Malaysia. Their individual usefulness, focal points, and detriments will be talked about and examination with leaving framework and proposed framework.


Online instruction is characterized by the creation and multiplication of the PC, the globalization of thoughts and other human acts, and the utilization of innovation in trading thoughts and giving access to more individuals.Sound, video, PC, and systems administration advancements are frequently joined to make a multifaceted instructional conveyance framework. The key strategy to join the separation learning teacher with the separation student is the system.

we proposed in our framework even we have the current framework on the grounds that the new framework is extremely straightforwardness, simple to get to, alluring site page, and incorporates some liveliness components, for example, sound, video, activity illustrations, easy to use, can sign in any case/whenever, client can undoubtedly take in the elements of its catches, understudy not in IT field additionally can utilize the this effortlessly with no issue et cetera.We incorporated these kind components on the grounds that the understudy will appreciate and enthusiasm for utilizing the framework.



• System : Pentium IV 2.4 GHz

• Hard Disk : 40 GB

• RAM : 512 MB


• Operating framework : Windows XP Professional

• Technology : Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2008

• Coding Language : C#

• Front End : ASP.Net

• Back End : SQL Server 2005


1. Director

2. Understudy

3. Speaker

1. Director:

Director will control the understudy and instructor modules. He uses to select the staff and relegates the timetables to them and understudies

2. Understudy:

He use to enroll for the course, chooses the instructor whom he needs. He uses to elucidate his questions.

3. Instructor:

He uses to illuminate the questions of the understudies. Take classes for understudies.

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