Online Food Ordering System


The online nourishment requesting framework gives accommodation to the clients. It defeats the detriments of the customary lining framework. This framework expands the takeaway of sustenances than guests. Along these lines, this framework upgrades the speed and institutionalization of taking the request from the client. It gives a superior correspondence stage. the client’s points of interest are noted electronically.

The online sustenance requesting framework set up menu on the web and the clients effortlessly put in the request with a basic mouse click. Likewise with a nourishment menu online you can without much of a stretch track the requests, keep up client’s database and enhance your sustenance conveyance benefit. This framework enables the client to choose the coveted sustenance things from the shower menu. The client arranges the sustenance things. The installment can be made on the web or pay-on-conveyance framework. The client’s subtle elements are kept up private since it keeps up a different record for every client. An id and secret key are accommodated every client. In this way, it gives a more secured requesting.

Existing System:

In an existing framework for giving any requests, clients should visit inns or eateries to think about sustenance things and they give request and pay progress. In this technique, time and manual work are required. Keeping up basic data in the records and manuals are loaded with hazard and a dull procedure.

Proposed System:

This online application empowers the end clients to enroll on the web, select the sustenance from the e-menu card, read the E-menu card and request nourishment on the web. By simply choosing the sustenance that the client needs to have. The outcomes in the wake of choosing the nourishment from the E-menu card will straightforwardly show up in the screen close to the Chef who will cook the sustenance for you. By utilizing this application crafted by the Waiter is diminished and we can likewise say that the work is invalidated. The advantage of this is if there is a surge in the Restaurant at that point there will be chances that the servers will be inaccessible and the clients can straightforwardly arrange the sustenance to the gourmet specialist online by utilizing this application. The client will be given a username and a watchword to log in.


Head module

Client Module

Director Module

Supper convey module

Head module

This module is utilized to make usernames and passwords by the administrator. The administrator can see all the data about the client or erase or alter all insights about the director and client.

Customer Module

This functionality gave:

• View item’s rundown

• Register

• Place orders

Manager Module

• Create item classes and functionalities,

• Edit/erase item classes and portrayals,

• View and oversee requests and deals report,

Meal delivery module

• Functionalities gave:

• View pending requests and conveyance points of interest

• Confirm arrange conveyance

Hardware Requirement:

• Hardware – Pentium

• Speed – 1.1 GHz

• RAM – 1GB

• Hard Disk – 20 GB

• Floppy Drive – 1.44 MB

• Key Board – Standard Windows Keyboard

• Mouse – Two or Three Button Mouse

• Monitor – SVGA

Software  Requirements:

• Operating System: Windows

• Technology: PHP

• Web Technologies : Html, JavaScript, CSS

• IDE : Notepad++

• Web Server: Wamp2.2e

• Database: My SQL


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