IF001 – An Efficient MSB Prediction-Based Method for High-Capacity Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images


Reversible information covering up in encoded pictures (RDHEI) is a viable strategy to insert information in the scrambled space. A exclusive picture is scrambled with a mystery key and amid or after its transmission, it is conceivable to install extra data in the encoded picture, without realizing the encryption key or the first substance of the picture. Amid the disentangling procedure, the mystery message can be extricated and the first picture can be remade. Over the most recent couple of years, RDHEI has begun to draw investigate premium.

In reality, with the improvement of distributed computing, information security has turned into a main problem. Be that as it may, none of the current techniques enable us to shroud a lot of data in a reversible way. In this paper, we propose another reversible technique dependent on MSB (most noteworthy piece) forecast with a high limit. We present two methodologies, these are: high limit reversible information concealing methodology with adjustment of expectation mistakes and high limit reversible information concealing methodology with installed forecast blunders. With this technique, paying little heed to the methodology utilized, our outcomes are superior to those acquired with current cutting edge strategies, both regarding recreated picture quality and implanting limit.

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