IFS05-Towards Shared Ownership in the Cloud


Cloud storage platforms guarantee a convenient way for clients to share files and engage in collaborations, yet they require all files to have a single proprietor who singularly makes access control decisions. Existing clouds are, along these lines, agnostic to the notion to the thought of shared proprietorship. This can be a critical limitation in much collaboration effort in light of the fact that, for example, one proprietor can erase files and revoke access without consulting other collaborators. In this project, we first formally characterize a thought of shared possession inside a file access control model. We at that point propose two possible instantiations of our proposed shared proprietorship model. Our first solution, called Commune, depends on secure file dispersal and collusion resistance secrete sharing to guarantee that all an in the cloud require the help of an agreed threshold of proprietors. As such, Commune can be utilized as a part of existing clouds without modifications to the platforms. Our second solution, dubbed Comrade, leverges the blockchain technology to achieve agreement on get to control decision. Unlike to Commune, Comrade requires that the cloud can interpret get to control choices that achieve accord in the blockchain into capacity get to control rules, in this manner requiring minor adjustments to existing clouds. We investigate the security of our recommendations and compare/evalute their performance through usage utilizing Amazon S3.

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