Embedded Project on Programmable Switching Control for Industrial Automation in Repetitive Nature of Work


The task is intended to switch industrial loads using a user programmable logic control device for sequential operation. This task is for the most part utilized for dreary nature of work.

Programmable logic controllers utilized as a part of industrial applications are exceptionally costly for basic activities like consecutive switching of loads. In this project demonstrate working of this basic activity utilizing a microcontroller of 8051 family. The improvement of this application requires the configuration of the program through input switches.

In industries, there are numerous tasks are done which requires some repeated operation in different orders and time intervals. For instance, certain heaps should be switched ON/OFF in particular time intervals. In order to achieve the goal to accomplish this, the microcontroller is modified such that the loads a can be worked in three modes: Set mode, Auto mode, and Manual mode.

In set mode, through clocks, the machinery works in view of info time set by the client whereas in auto mode it chips away at default time settings lastly in the manual mode it capacities while individual switches are squeezed relying upon the client’s need and adaptability. Every one of the modes and status of burdens is shown on an LCD.

In this way, undertakings performed by expensive PLCs would now be able to accomplish by utilizing a microcontroller influencing the gadget to practical. Assist the task can be upgraded by interfacing it with a GSM modem whereby sending an SMS to the control framework we can choose the mode and timing remotely.

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