.NET Project On A Novel Anti Phishing Framework Based On Visual Cryptography


With the advent of the internet, different online attacks have been expanded and among them the most popular attack is phishing. Phishing is an attempt by an individual or a group to get individual classified data, for example, passwords, Credit card data from unsuspecting victims to identifying theft, financial gain, and other fraudulent activities. Fake sites which seem fundamentally the same as the original ones are being hosted to achieve this. In this project, we have proposed a new approach named as “A Novel Anti-phishing system in light of visual cryptography “to solve the issue of phishing. Here an image based verification utilizing Visual Cryptography is implemented. The utilization of visual cryptography is investigated to preserve the privacy of an image captcha decomposing down the original image captcha into two shares (known as sheets) that are stored in separate database servers(one with client and one with server) to such an extent that the original image captcha can be revealed only when both are all the while accessible; the individual sheet images don’t uncover the character of the original image captcha. Once the original image captcha is revealed to the client it can be utilized as the secret key. Utilizing this site cross verifies its identity and proves that it is a genuine website before the end clients.

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