Resource Allocation in Vehicular Cloud Computing Systems with Heterogeneous Vehicles and Roadside Units


Vehicular distributed computing (VCC) system facilitates the vehicular cloud (comprising of vehicles’ figuring assets) and the remote cloud legitimately to give in-time administrations to clients. Apreviousrvious works had built up the models for asset portion in the VCC system in view of semi-Markov choice procedures (SMDP), few of them talked about the heterogeneity of vehicles and impacts of roadside units (RSUs).

Heterogeneous vehicles made by various producers might be furnished with a various measure of figuring resources; and besides, RSU can improve the processing capacity of VCC. Along these lines, this work proposes an SMDP display for VCC resource designation that moreover thinks about heterogeneous vehicles and RSUs, and an approach for finding the ideal technique of VCC resource portion. The two extra highlights essentially expand the SMDP display, and show diverse outcomes from the first model. Recreation demonstrates that the asset designation in the VCC system can be caught by the proposed display, which performs well regarding long haul expected qualities (comprising of utilization expenses of intensity and time), under different parameter settings.

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