IP04-Robust Coverless Image Steganography based on DCT and LDA Topic Classification


So as to enhance the robustness and capability removing steganalysis, a novel coverless  steganography algorithm based on Discrete Cosine Transform and Latent Dirichlet Allocation point classification is proposed. Firstly, the LDA point model is used for characterizing the image database. Also, the images have a place with one topic are chosen, and 8×8 block DCT transform is performed to these images. Then robust feature sequence is generated through the connection between Direct Current coefficients in the adjacent blocks. Finally, an inverted index which contains the feature sequence, dc, location coordinates, and the image path is made.

To achieve image steganography, the secret data is changed over into a parallel grouping and apportioned into fragments and the image whose element succession equivalents to the secret data sections is picked as the cover picture as indicated by the file. From that point onward, all cover pictures are sent to the beneficiary. In the entire procedure, no adjustment is done to the original images. Exploratory results and analysis demonstrate that the proposed algorithm can oppose the discovery of existing steganalysis calculations, and has better power against regular picture preparing and better capacity to oppose steganalysis contrasted and the existing steganalysis algorithms. In the meantime, it is resistant to geometric attacks to some extent. It has great potential application in a secure communication of big data environment.

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