ASP Project On  Feedback

ASP Project On  Feedback


The point of the investigation was to build up a World Wide Web-based course input framework serving the two understudies and instructors. The framework incorporates age and investigation obviously criticism pages, an arrangement of input, and a synopsis. Understudy criticism framework is produced for the building undergrads. Understudies give sentiment about their employees and the other way around.

The motivation behind this criticism framework is to accumulate data on learning the background and in addition the about lecturer(s) execution in the class. Understudy after login into the framework, at that point just is conceivable to give criticism He needs to login with enlistment number, not with the name.

He will give the criticism to the employee by subject savvy. He has five choices Excellent, Very great and so on and understudy needs to choose one of the five choices about the workforce in his criticism shape. There is an alternate territory he needs to cover separately while giving the input like voice quality, Teaching style, Subject learning, Behavior and Timing sense. At that point, He needs to present his input with the framework. Understudy can see the Semester brings about this framework.

Manager module to benefit the offices’ school needs to enroll in the framework. School client needs to attach points of interest of the courses offering and branches (EEE, CSE and so forth.). A school needs to give Branch name, Branch Code, Course Name and no of Seats. A school needs to include Faculty individuals by subject astute, and his/her full Contact points of interest. They can see points of interest of subjects by branch, Course, Year, Semester and direction insightful. A school needs to enlist the understudies in mass then they will partition into areas. Understudy can see the subtle elements of results in a method for advancement and downgrade.


• This framework is produced predominantly with the end goal of understudies to give their input about their educators

• The student can see his/her semester results and grades in this framework.

• This framework is created for the only for the designing schools’ understudies and teachers.

• A student needs to enlist as a gathering with a framework, it won’t acknowledge if understudy enrolled independently.

• College can enlist with the framework with branch and workforce subtle elements.

• A student needs to login with the number, not with the name.


             Processor: Pentium 4

Processor Speed            :   2.40GHz

RAM                             :   512 MB

Hard Disk                      :  80GB

CD Drive                       :  Samsung 52X


Environment                  :   Visual studio .NET 2005

.NET Framework           :    VERSION 2.0

Language                       :   ASP.NET with C#

Operating System         :   WINDOWS 2000/XP

Back End                      :   SQL SERVER 2000

DOWNLOAD: Student feedback system

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