IP03-Robust Foreground Estimation via Structured Gaussian Scale Mixture Modeling


Recovering the background and foreground area parts from video frames has important applications in video observation. Under the assumption that the background parts are stationary and the foreground is spare, the most part of existing techniques depend on the system of robust principal components analysis (RPCA), i.e., modeling the background and foreground parts as a low-rank and sparse matrices, respectively. In any case, in realistic complex scenarios, the traditional ℓ 1 norm sparse regularizer frequently neglects to well portray the differing sparsity of the foreground segments. The most effective method to choose the sparsity regularizer parameters adaptively as per the neighborhood measurements is basic to the achievement of the RPCA structure for background subtraction assignment.

In this project, we propose to model the sparse component with a Gaussian scale mixture (GSM) demonstrate. Compared with the traditional ℓ 1 standard, the GSM-based sparse model has the benefits of jointly estimating the differences of the sparse coefficients (and thus the regularization parameters) and the unknown sparse coefficients, prompting huge estimation accuracy improvements. Besides, considering that the foreground parts are highly structured, a structured extraction of the GSM model is additionally created. In particular, the input frame is partitioned into numerous homogeneous locales utilizing superpixel division. By characterizing the set of sparse coefficients in each homogeneous area with the same GSM prior, the local dependencies among the inadequate coefficients can be effectively exploited, leading further changes for background subtraction. Experimental results about several challenging situations demonstrate that the proposed strategy performs much better to the most existing background subtraction techniques as far as both performance and speed.

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