Dynamic Routing for Data Integrity and Delay Differentiated Services in Wireless Sensor Networks


Applications running on a similar Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) stage normally have distinctive Quality of Service (QoS) necessities. Two fundamental necessities are low deferral and high information respectability. Be that as it may, by and large, these two prerequisites can’t be fulfilled at the same time. In this paper, in view of the idea of potential in material science, we propose IDDR, a multi-way powerful steering calculation, to determine this contention.

By building a virtual mixture potential field, IDDR isolates parcels of uses with various QoS prerequisites as indicated by the weight alloted to every bundle, and courses them towards the sink through various ways to enhance the information devotion for respectability touchy applications and in addition decrease the conclusion to-end delay for postponement delicate ones. Utilizing the Lyapunov float procedure, we demonstrate that IDDR is steady. Reproduction results exhibit that IDDR gives information uprightness and postpone separated administrations.

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