New Insights Into Coupled Frequency Dynamics of AC Grids in Rectifier and Inverter Sides of LCC-HVDC Interfacing DFIG-Based Wind Farms


Coupling between frequency dynamics of the ac system on both inverter and rectifier sides of the line-commutated converter HVDC with the rectifier station working in recurrence control is examined, alongside the nearness of substantial DFIG-construct twist cultivates in light of the powerless rectifier-side grid. A found the middle value of model with 79 states, which incorporates dynamic models of lattices on the rectifier and inverter sides, stage bolted circle, and the breeze cultivate is determined. To build up a more profound comprehension of the frequency dynamics, an improved four-state nonlinear model is proposed, which, thus, uncovers solid coupling amongst recurrence and air conditioning voltage at the HVDC rectifier terminal.

A terminating edge rectification methodology is proposed to decouple recurrence voltage associations, in this manner enhancing the recurrence elements on the rectifier side. The four-state demonstrate is linearized to determine the cooperation amongst rectifier-and inverter-side frequencies, and an investigative articulation for the recurrence elements as far as additions of the recurrence controller at the rectifier station is inferred. In addition, the proposed lessened request demonstrate demonstrates the ramifications of recurrence hang control of the breeze cultivates in enhancing recurrence elements on both rectifier and inverter sides. Articulations for “synchronizing” and “damping torque” commitment from HVDC and wind cultivate are additionally settled. The diagnostic articulations and the adequacy of the proposed techniques are approved through nonlinear time-area recreations.

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