Fp009 – Priority Queueing for Packets With Two Characteristics


Present day arrange components are progressively required to manage heterogeneous activity. Ongoing works consider handling approaches for cushions that hold bundles with various preparing prerequisites (number of handling cycles required before a parcel can be transmitted out) yet uniform esteem, intending to augment the throughput, i.e., the quantity of transmitted bundles.

Different advancements manage bundles of changing quality yet uniform handling necessity (every parcel requires one preparing cycle); the target here is to amplify the aggregate transmitted esteem. In this paper, we think about a more broad issue, joining parcels with both nonuniform handling and nonuniform qualities in a similar line. We ponder the properties of different handling orders in this setting.

We demonstrate that in the general case, normal handling arrangements have poor execution ensures, with straight lower limits on their aggressive proportion. In addition, we demonstrate a few ill-disposed lower limits for each need line and notwithstanding for each online strategy. On the positive side, in the uncommon situation when just two unique qualities are permitted, 1 and V , we present an approach that accomplishes focused proportion (1 + (W + 2/V )), where W is the maximal number of required handling cycles. We additionally think about replicating costs amid confirmation.

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