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Vectorartpro is an online order Allocation and Maintenance System for a Designing Firm. This is a web application and can be facilitated and can be used all through the world. Each web Application has both client board and administrator board. The majority of us don’t have the idea about the panel board. We are simply utilizing all the web application like informal community and document sharing and email in client panel side. There is dependably an administrator board( The individual who keeps up the Web Application ). Here The client can register and will have a record, make configuration arranges in on the web. The administrator can get arrange subtle elements and execute the outlines manually and deliver through the application. This project includes in payment gateway to pay the installment of the request.


Client Panel:

Enrollment, Account Activation, Login and Forgot Password

Clients get enroll themselves and get enactment email. Once initiated no one but they can permit to login in the application and they can get overlooked watchword email in the event that they overlooked.

Account Settings

Once signed in into application, they can change their record settings like email id and address and contact numbers and so on.

Order Management

New Order

They can make new request. In this new request they have to give the document name and points of interest of a request. In the event that they jump at the chance to give an example configuration to demonstrate to outline additionally they can transfer n number of pictures. Both administrator and client can download this records as well.

Asked for Orders

When arrange will go under asked for arrange classification. Shape this they can track the request subtle elements like request points of interest they gave while making request and furthermore administrator transferred same records after exercise physically and furthermore they can download here once pay the installment.

Finished Orders

When they paid the installment and administrator altered the request as finished it will go under this class to check their finished request points of interest.

Reinforcement Past request Files

In the event that the client (individuals) get a kick out of the chance to take recent months arrange subtle elements as reinforcement. They can download the documents.

Cron work – Delete the previous a half year from the server itself.

In server.Due to numerous documents it will get substantial load so every day past months orders records get erased.

Administrator Panel:

Here we are executing like CMS (content Management System ).Admin can Manage a large portion of the modules of the Application himself

Login and Forgot Password

Administrator can login and furthermore on the off chance that he overlooked the secret word. They secret word leftover portion mail will send to his email id.

Member Management

Add Member

For the current customers.admin can make a record himself. When account made the email was sent to every client. With the goal that they can initiate and login to application as we clarified in client board

Manage Members

Administrator have rights to square and initiate the individuals and see and alter and erase the part informations.

Order Management

New requests

When client made request. The administrator get email like new request got with arrange points of interest. That requests are getting shown under this menu. So administrator can see the request points of interest like client name and request name that way. He can influence call to them to physically and confirm.once affirmed he will make this request as “progressing orders”.

Progressing Orders

Once the request made as progressing, they will process the outline physically in printing machine. Once finished the administrator will transfer test record (0 $ cost) and installment arrange with installment cost.

At that point the client will get mail like ” work finished on your request with arrange number” so they can login to their record and check the request.

In the event that the request is test they can download the documents instantly.if the request is installment. They have to pay by means of paypal.we have test account .so we can check the request installment sham $.

Finished Orders

So once the client paid the installment. The administrator will get email .so he can check and make arrange status as “finished”. Once changed the request detail is change as finished on client side moreover.

Testimonial Management

At Applcaiton Home page the organization can post past clients inputs,

They can include new tributes and alter and erase.

So that these testimaonais are shown in landing page of client board.

Organization Details Management

The organization can have n number of insights about their history. So they can include and erase and alter. This will show in landing page of client board.

Administrations Details Management.

The organization can have n number of insights about their administrations like shading outline and high contrast configuration like that. So they can include and erase and alter. This will show in landing page of client board.


  • 233 MHz processor.
  • 128 MB SD-RAM
  • 2 – 4 GB Hard-Disk.
  • 4x Compact Disk drive or quicker.
  • 1.44 MB Floppy Disk Drive.
  • Monitor. [ 640 x 480 Display ]


  • Front End – PHP
  • Back End – MySQL 5.0
  • Server – Apache Server 2.0
  • Design Tool – Macromedia Dreamweaver 8.0
  • Documentation Tools – Microsoft Word

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