ASP Project On Geo-Spatial InfoTech Solutions

ASP Project On Geo-Spatial InfoTech Solutions


Neighborhood bodies are arranged into Municipal Corporations, Municipalities of various evaluations relying on the populace and pay of the Urban Local Body. These Urban Local Bodies have been constituted with the goal of releasing certain

Mandatory capacities like:

(a) Supply of drinking water

(b) Providing and keeping up waste and sewage frameworks

(c) Public road lighting

(d) Maintaining sanitation and cleanliness of open spots

(f) Providing Electricity Connection to national houses

(g) Providing Water Connection to houses

(h) Municipal Library Maintenance

Clients of this System

• Administrator

• Registration

• Citizens

• Calculating Bills

• Reports

• Search

• Authentication


Nearby bodies like districts require gathering diverse sort of expenses from the natives. Each resident needs to pay Water Bills and Electricity Bills to the specific experts.

All things considered, a resident need to pay his city to impose implies he ought to go to a civil office and gather the vital bill, pay there as it were. Same as water and power bills. This isn’t a simple employment to get all these expense data in various specialists nowadays.

For that reason we are building up this application, which can gather the assessment data from various specialists in light of the house no’s and proprietor name by utilizing Web Services and stores the information in our own database.

Forgetting the data with respect to charges natives need to enroll first. The bill is ascertaining on various modes like yearly, half-yearly, quarterly and so on…

By utilizing the client id and secret key nationals can sign into the framework and gather the important data from the landing page.

For this, each client needs to give his home no and proprietor name. By tapping on the hunt catch they will get their own

• House Details

• Electricity Bill Details

• Water Bill Details

• Municipality Bill Details

• Pending Bills

• Dues

Web administrations assume fundamental part here. Why since this framework get the data from different sources. A web benefit is just fit to get the data from different sources.


The current framework is a manual framework. Here the representatives need to spare the data as exceed expectations sheets or Disk Drives. There is no sharing is conceivable if the information is as paper or Disk drives. The manual framework gives us less security for sparing information; a few information might be lost due to being administered.

It’s a constrained framework and fewer clients well disposed of. Looking for specific data is exceptionally basic it requires the parcel of investment. Social occasion data from various sources isn’t a simple occupation, information will be botched. Ascertaining distinctive bills physically going to be as a procedure of error.

There is no interface to give different bills in the current framework. In the current framework native get the bill’s data physically, in different specialists like water board, power office, property impose division and so on.


The improvement of this new framework contains the accompanying exercises, which endeavor to mechanize the whole procedure keeping in the perspective of database joining approach. Ease of use is given in the application different controls gave by framework Rich User Interface.

The framework makes the general venture administration substantially less demanding and adaptable. It can be gotten to over the Intranet. The worker data can be put away in an incorporated database which can be kept up by the framework. This can give the great security for client data since information isn’t on the customer machine.

Verification is accommodated this application just enlisted Users can get to. There is no danger of information administration at any level while the undertaking advancement is under process. The computerized framework will give the workers to solid administrations.

There no weight of figuring water, electric, house impose charges in this framework, by sending a demand to the specific expert by means of web benefit we can get all the data with respect to these issues.


1. Administrator

2. Citizen’s

3. Web Services

4. Citizen’s Bill Information

5. Search

6. Reports

7. Authentication


The organization is the primary individual of this framework. He can have every one of the benefits to do anything in this framework. An administrator can get the data with respect to national’s water charges, electric bills, and city charges from different sources. For that chairman need to send a demand for that specific specialist toss web administrations.


Individuals who are living in that region are called as subjects. Subjects need to pay water charge, power charge, property assess for a sure of interims. By utilizing this framework interface subject’s know their diverse bill sums, pending bills, due dates and so forth.



The framework interface will demonstrate the Bill data of various experts. The bills, for the most part, setting off to these sorts

• Water Bills

• Electricity Bills

• Property Taxes

This interface likewise demonstrates the

• Pending Bills

• Penalties

• Due Dates


Non-exclusive Technology Keywords: Database, User Interface, Programming

Particular Technology Keywords: Asp.Net3.5, C#.Net, SqlServer-05,

Asp.Net Web Services

Venture Keywords: Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing

SDLC Keywords: Presentation, Business Object, Data Access Layer



Working System Server: Windows XP or later

Database Server: Microsoft SQL Server-2005

Customer: Microsoft Internet Explorer

Devices: Microsoft Visual Studio.Net-2005

UI: Asp.Net with Ajax

Code Behind: VC#.Net


Processor: Intel Pentium or More

Ram: 512 MB Ram

Hard Disk: PC with 20GB


• WINDOWS OS (XP/2000/200 Server/2003 Server)

• Visual Studio.Net 2008 Enterprise Edition

• Internet Information Server 5.0 (IIS)

• Visual Studio.NetFramework (Minimal for Deployment)version 3.5

SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition


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