Embedded Project on Portable Programmable Medication Reminder


The goal of this project is to remind individuals who forgot to take medicines on time. Elderly individuals in light of their age usually forgot to take their medicines. This project will help to remind the patient to take his/her drug at an endorsed time.

The proposed framework is most appropriate for elderly people and people who are very busy, as this device won’t just help them to remember their medicine with a buzzer sound yet, in addition, shows the name of the medicine to be taken at a time.

The patient can store the respective time of the particular medicine through a matrix keypad. In view of an RTC (Real Time Clock) interfaced to the microcontroller, the customized time for the medicine is shown on the LCD along with a signal sound to alarm the patient about taking the appropriate medicine.

The programmable microcontroller utilized as a part of this venture is of PIC16F8 family. RTC utilized keeps up an accurate time as it is supported by the crystal.

The project is upgraded by coordinating it with GSM technology, so the patient gets a remainder about the medication he needs to take by means of SMS on his/her cell. Likewise, an arrangement to change the name of the medicine can be joined by interfacing the devices with a PC or EEPROM (non-volatile memory).

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